Privacy Policy Lily-Balou 

Lily-Balou offers you the best possible service. We use your personal data to optimize our services and our offer via our shops, websites and social media channels. We collect your data when this is needed to provide a service, when you have shared your data with us and have given us permission to collect the data, or when legislation requires us to do so. This privacy policy was drawn up to justify why, for which purposes and how we use and protect your personal data. We also explain why and how we share your personal data with third parties. These data are used for different, and often necessary, purposes.


1. Who is responsible?

Boeltie BV is responsible for collecting, managing and processing the personal data that you shared with us. Our office is located at the following addresses:


Bunderlaan 15, 2960 Brecht

2. Why do we collect personal data?

We collect diverse types of personal data for different purposes.

We do this so that our (online) services are pleasurable and convenient. Your privacy is guaranteed. We secure your data in accordance with general standards that are commonplace in the industry. Whenever possible, we try to make your data anonymous or we apply special technical measures so that your data cannot be traced back to you.

In the following cases we will have to process your data in order to carry out our services properly:

  1. When this is necessary to deliver a service, e.g. as part of purchases and deliveries of orders via our online shops.
    1. When you shared your data with us and gave us permission to process your data, e.g. in the following cases:
    • Registering on our websites and apps to simplify use
    • Saving your settings to make using our services as pleasant as possible
    • Subscribing to our email newsletters
    • Membership in our online communities (social media channels)
    1. When legislation requires us to request and process your data.


    Depending on what you share with us, we can use the personal data for the following purposes:

    • Sending offers via email or per post
    • Marketing knowledge, improvement and optimisation of our services
    • Targeted marketing campaigns and/or collaborations with third parties to develop actions that suit your interests


    3. Which personal data do we collect and what are they used for?

    Depending on what you share with us, we can store and process the following personal data:

    • First name and surname
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • Address

    ○     Country

    ○     Postal code

    ○     House number

    ○     Street

    ○     City

    • Sex
    • Date of birth
    • Payment data
    • National number (in Belgium)
    • Clothing and shoe size
    • Colour & size of products you purchased
    • Preferred branch store
    • Data concerning the members of your family
    • Information about your online activities on our service


    These personal data are processed, stored and used in different places within Lily-Balou to perform our services optimally. 

    On our websites

    We also need a number of personal data when shopping online on our websites.

    Please note that we use a secure SSL connection when you place an order on our websites. We register the colour and size of your order so we can ship the correct product and for marketing purposes. These two data are replaced with encrypted data (pseudonymised) and cannot be traced back to you when they are used for marketing purposes. Your name, (delivery) address and payment data are required for processing and delivering your order. We only ask your sex so we can address you personally. We use the date of birth to confirm that you are not a minor. If you granted permission, we use your date of birth to send you special birthday promotions or discounts on your birthday. We use your e-mail address and telephone number to inform you about the order you placed. If you gave us permission, we also send you a newsletter periodically via e-mail.


    3.4. Via our social media channels

    Our brands use various social media channels. We use these channels to connect to our customers and for diverse marketing purposes. We can see certain personal data on some social media channels. We use the following social media channels:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram


    We do not save these personal data and we are not responsible for them. You decide what you share with us. You can change your data in the privacy settings of the various social media platforms. When using these platforms, you are bound by the privacy policy of the relevant social media platform, not by our privacy policy.


    3.5. Via our Customer Service department

    In most cases our Customer Service department is contacted regarding questions, complaints, payments and/or returns of previous purchases. If you contact our Customer Service department, we ask you to share some personal data with us. Depending on the question, we can ask for more information about your purchase and/or order than is mentioned in point 3, such as a receipt or order number.


    To be able to serve you better, the information regarding your purchase and/or order is needed to look up your data. In the event of a reimbursement or return, we need your name and bank account number. We register your e-mail address and/or telephone number so that we can contact you about your question, complaint, order and/or return. We can also use these data later to check whether you are satisfied with the help you received from our Customer Service department.


    3.6. At our headquarters

    If you use our websites then the processing will take place within our headquarter, which is listed under point 1 above.

    We may exchange your personal data between our headquarters because a number of internal processes are integrated. We share these personal data via secured channels so your privacy is guaranteed.

    4. Automatically collected data

    We automatically collect data when you use our websites and social media channels. If you use one of these (online) services then we can store data that may be traced back to you directly, namely:

    • IP address
    • domains of other sites that you visited to arrive at our websites
    • information related to pages that you visit on our websites, such as

    ○     Date

    ○     Time

    ○     Duration of your visit

    ○     Pages visited on our online shops and apps

    ○     Information regarding the use of visited pages

    • The browser you used and the version


    We use the IP address to determine the number of visitors. We use the other data to improve and optimise our service.

    5. How do we protect your personal data?

    We cannot reveal how exactly we protect your personal data in order to avoid abuse or targeted attacks. We implement suitable technical and organisational measures that fulfil the present state of technology to protect your personal data.

    6. Sharing with service providers and third parties

    We are bound by Belgian legislation with regard to sharing personal data with service providers and third parties.

    We share your data with third parties who play a role in executing our service, for example those who process and deliver your online orders. We can also exchange your data with other parties who we call in to improve our services and our marketing activities. Thanks to data processing agreements with these parties, we can ensure the safety of your personal data. We treat all the personal data that we receive confidentially and with the greatest care. We will only share with our partners the personal data that are required for the service and/or marketing objective. We make your data anonymous so that they cannot be traced back to you and the data exchanges only take place via secure channels. We guarantee your privacy.

    7. Expiration date and inspection

    Your personal data have an expiration date. We automatically delete the data after seven years unless you give us permission to keep and use these data once again or unless we are legally required to store the data longer. Once you have shared data with us, you have the right to access, alter, transmit or delete these data at any time if the law allows it. If you file this request with us, we will try to realise it within one month of receiving the request. We will contact you if this is not feasible and extend this period by maximum one extra month.

    8. Rights

    You retain the right at all times to gain access to the data that we have collected about you (right to access). You can improve this data, add to it (right to rectification) or delete it (right to be forgotten). You can request a data processing limit or protest automated decisions. If desired, you can request that your data be transferred to a third party (right to data portability). Moreover, you have the right to withdraw your permission at all times. 

    Finally, you always have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authorities if you believe that we are not dealing with your data carefully enough. For the Netherlands you can lodge a complaint the Privacy Commission


    9. Amending personal data

    If you decide to utilise your abovementioned right(s), you can do this via our website or If you encounter problems (for example you cannot access your data or you cannot change them), please submit a request to our Customer Service department via Indicate what you want to do with your personal data.

    If you subscribed to our newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time. The ‘unsubscribe’ button is at the bottom of the newsletter. Click on the button to unsubscribe. You will no longer receive our newsletter unless you resubscribe. 

    10. Parental consent

    We are only permitted to process the personal data of minors after we have received consent from the parent or guardian. If we discover that the personal data of minors are being processed, we will delete these data within one month of discovery unless we are legally required to store these data. 

    11. Cookies

    We use cookies and other techniques, such as JavaScripts and web beacons, on our websites. Because we want to guarantee your privacy and improve the user-friendliness of your visit(s) to our websites, it is important that you know why we use cookies and how. We try to provide as much information as possible about the use of cookies on our websites.


    11.1. What are cookies?

    Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer or mobile device saves when you use our websites. You can accept or refuse cookies when you visit our websites. We use cookies to offer functions on our websites. Cookies also make it easy for you to place an order. We use the cookies to analyse data for marketing purposes. If you refuse the use of cookies then a number of website functions might not be available.

    In general, cookies have an expiration date and are automatically deleted when they are no longer valid. Some cookies are deleted immediately after the session, while other cookies are saved on your computer for longer.


    By using cookies and other techniques we ensure that:

    • Visiting our websites becomes easier
    • You do not have to enter or receive the same information every time you visit our online shop
    • We can offer you functions like a shopping cart
    • We can analyse how our online shop is used and where improvements can be made
    • We can provide an online shopping experience that is more relevant to you due to ‘personalisation’ techniques such as product recommendations and showing/hiding certain blocks or items on the website
    • Ads reflect your needs and interests and we prevent you from seeing a certain ad too often


    11.2. What kind of cookies do we use?

    There are required, functional and analytical cookies as well as advertising and social media cookies. You can indicate whether you only want to use required cookies or the other types too.

    11.2.1. Required cookies

    These cookies are necessary in order to offer a functioning online shop. They help you navigate and search the website. These are cookies that are only saved during a specific visit. These cookies are deleted automatically when you close the browser. 

    11.2.2. Functional and analytical cookies

    Functional cookies ensure that our online shop functions correctly. We collect statistics from website users with analytical cookies. By measuring website use, we can continue to improve and optimise our websites.

    Examples of functional cookies in our online shops:

    • A notification appears when an order is not complete so that you don't lose the items in the shopping basket
    • Browser settings are saved so that you can view our websites perfectly on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device
    • Login data are saved so that you do not have to enter them each time
    • The websites are loaded smoothly so they remain functional and accessible
    • Tracing possible misuse or possible problems on our websites (successive failed login attempts are registered)


    Examples of analytical cookies on our websites:

    • The IP address is made anonymous
    • Technical characteristics like the browser that you use and the resolution of your computer, tablet or mobile screen
    • How you got to our website (via which page)
    • When and how long you visit or use our website
    • Whether you use our functions (placing an order)
    • Which pages you visit in our online shop