Spring-Summer 22 is homegrown. Think blushing tomatoes, tasty radishes and juicy apples. But also gardens with wonderful flowers - daisies and tulips everywhere - and bushes full of delicious berries, where ducks and geese are happily quacking. This new collection reminds us of those blissfully long summers of old. Wild, childlike summers like in Astrid Lindgren's novels. When days seemed to last forever, and ended with dirty feet, messy hair and sparkling eyes.

About Lily-Balou

Lily-Balou is a Belgian fashion label. It was first launched as a children’s brand by designer Anne De Smedt in the autumn of 2011. Colorful, sustainable and comfortable were - and remain - the key words. In the summer of 2019, Lily-Balou launched its first women’s collection. All Lily-Balou items are made with respect for the environment and with respect for the people who make them.

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